The Youth Work and Outreach Team at Y Sort It deliver services including Street Play, Youth Groups and Detached Youth Work, working with young people aged 8 – 25 years old.  Our team work to the “Nature and Purpose of Youth Work” as set out by YouthLink Scotland, this being:

  1. Young people choose to participate
  2. The work must build from where young people are
  3. Youth work recognises the young person and youth worker as partners in a learning process

By always working to these 3 foundations we aim to meet the needs of the young people of West Dunbartonshire who access our service.  Alongside these 3 foundations we work hard to support the overall vision of Y Sort It

 “#Connect #Support & #Inspire young people”

#Connect – We connect young people through play in our Street Play sessions, through our varied programmes at our Youth Groups or through our digital youth group sessions and themed activities.

#Support – We support young people through our face to face interactions at Street Play, Youth Groups or Detached sessions as well as by building positive relationships with young people we regularly work with, giving them someone they can approach for support.  By providing digital youth groups and interacting with young people online we are also able to offer this support and positive relationship to many more young people.

#Inspire – Through Street Play we inspire young people to play and try out new, fun and exciting games!  At our youth groups we incorporate activities which will push young people out of their comfort zone and into their learning zone, inspiring them to see what they can achieve!

 Our Work:

Typically you will find us delivering Street Play, Youth Groups and Detached Youth Work but the current COVID-19 pandemic has shifted us to a more digital way of working.  Now we are delivering an exciting programme of online activities and sessions from STEM to Gardening, Photography to Issue Based Workshops.  We have also changed the venue of our youth groups slightly to the wonderful world of group video call – this has been exciting and provided us with many new challenges and opportunities!